Lenovo ThinkBook 15 – 20SM003EMH

Ram: 8 GB Processor: Intel Core i3 Screen Size: 15,6 inches

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With the Lenovo ThinkBook 15 – 20SM003EMH you can write a report in Word. With the i3 processor and 8GB RAM, you can multitask in basic Office programs and perform basic company tasks. When you work from home, you can log in with Windows 10 Pro and Remote Desktop and work remotely in the company network. The casing of this laptop is made of aluminum and has been subjected to military tests, making this Lenovo resistant to extreme conditions. Hard knocks or coffee spills won’t damage this ThinkBook. In the morning, you can log in quickly and securely using the fingerprint scanner. Placing your index finger on the scanner is all you have to do. You’re logged in within seconds. If you’re still working in the evening, you’re less likely to make typos on the backlit keyboard.