OPPO A72 128GB Black

Ram: 4 GB Screen Size: 6,5 inches Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Battery: 5000 mAh

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The OPPO A722 128GB Black has 128GB storage capacity. Normally, this should be enough for all of your apps, photos, and files. Do you still need more space? Expand the storage capacity with a memory card of up to 256GB. On the back of the OPPO A72, you’ll find 3 cameras and a depth sensor. You can use the wide-angle lens to capture large groups and buildings. With the macro lens, you can also take sharp photos of objects that are very close, such as a flower. The 6.5-inch Full HD screen is quite large. If you have smaller hands, this can make it difficult to operate the device with one hand. In terms of processing power, the device is suitable for daily use. With apps like YouTube, Instagram, or Candy Crush, the smartphone hardly ever falters. The large 5000mAh battery provides enough power to be able to use it at least a day and a half. The included back cover offers limited protection. Purchase another case to protect your smartphone from fall damage.