OPPO A91 128GB Black

Ram: 8 GB Screen Size: 6,4 inches Processor: null Battery: 4025 mAh

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The OPPO A91 128GB Black has 128GB storage capacity, which is enough for 18,000 songs or 60,000 photos. You can take these photos with the various camera this device has. In addition to the 48-megapixel standard camera, the A91 has an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. This allows you to get vast landscapes or large buildings in your frame. With the macro lens, you can also take sharp photos from up close. The 6.2-inch Full HD screen is handy in size, but at the same time it’s large enough to watch a video or play a game. The Mediatek 6771 processor ensures you can play small games like Wordfeud and Candy Crush without glitches. Thanks to the 8GB RAM, you can effortlessly switch between different apps as well. The 4025mAh battery lasts at least a day. You’ll be able to charge it extremely quickly, because the device supports the fast charge method OPPO VOOC Flash Charge. The included back cover offers limited protection. Purchase another case to protect your smartphone from fall damage.